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By Sandra Cruz | Updated March 9, 2021

Los Angeles has an average car insurance rate of $217 monthly, which is higher than the California average of $155 monthly. However, there are several factors accounted for in providing specific rates for your individual policy. Read on to learn more about the average rates for Los Angeles car insurance and how you can save on your next policy.

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How Much Does Car Insurance Cost In Los Angeles?

Average car insurance rates in Los Angeles, CA differ significantly for every driver profile. On average, Los Angeles drivers pay $2,589 yearly for car insurance, which is substantially higher than California’s statewide annual average of $1,744 and the nationwide annual average of $1,536.

Los Angeles Car Insurance Rates by Insurer

Car insurance companies in Los Angeles, CA, greatly vary in terms of rates and coverage. It is ideal to shop around and compare rates from multiple Los Anegeles car insurance companies before choosing a policy that best suits your needs. GEICO offers the cheapest comprehensive coverage insurance in Los Angeles. However, rates differ based on your vehicle make and model, driving history, age, and marital statys. Make sure you are comapring rates from at least 5 affordable car insurance companies based on your unique driver profile.

Los Angeles Auto Insurance Average Rates by Insurer

Company Name Monthly Rate Yearly Rate
GEICO $156 $1,877
AAA $202 $2,424
Mercury $167 $2,009
Infinity $181 $2,178
Allstate $217 $2,603

Los Angeles Car Insurance Premiums by Age Bracket

Age influences car insurance rates in Los Angeles, CA. It is one consideration insurance companies look into when judging a driver’s ability to drive and risk of filing a claim. Drivers in their 50s and 60s enjoy the cheapest rates and teenagers in Los Angeles pay the most for their car insurance. Teenagers have the biggest gap in pricing among other age groups. However, they will be entitled to a significant decrease on their 20th and 25th birthday.

Los Angeles Car Insurance Rates by AGE

AGE GROUP Monthly Rate Annual Rate
Below 20 $812 $9,754
20s $324 $3,896
30s $212 $2,544
40s $207 $2,486
50s $197 $2,364
60s $195 $2,344
70s $227 $2,728

Los Angeles Car Insurance Rates by Marital Status

Marital status also contributes to the cost of car insurance premiums in Los Angeles. Single drivers are likely to pay more than married drivers. Insurers consider married couples more financially stable in contrast to other marital statuses. Also, married drivers are expected to be more responsible drivers and safer on the road. Hence, single drivers pay $110 more for car insurance annually compared to married drivers in Los Angeles.

Gender is another factor insurance companies consider in Los Angeles. Female drivers pay $5 more than male drivers.

Los Angeles Car Insurance Premiums by Marital Status

Marital Status Monthly Rate Yearly Rate
Female $225 $2,700
Male $220 $2,642
Single $211 $2,515
Married $209 $2,509
Divorced $219 $2,629
Widowed $212 $2,545

Los Angeles Car Insurance Rates by Violation

A driver’s behavior behind the wheel, past violation records, speeding tickets, and at-fault accidents are accounted for by car insurance companies in Los Angeles when providing specific quotes. Some insurance companies have the right to reject high-risk drivers, and some will insure them at a higher cost.

If Los Angeles drivers are caught driving recklessly, their annual insurance rates will go up significantly, by $4,322. DUI violators will see an average incease of $4,203 annually while speeding tickets will lead to a $1,068 rate hike.

Los Angeles Car Insurance Rates by Accident or Violation

Violation Monthly Rate Annual Rate
DWI/DUI $568 $6,821
Reckless Driving $586 $7,042
At-Fault Accident with < $1000 Damages $218 $2,625
At-Fault Accident with > $2000 Damages $379 $4,559
Speeding Ticket with 16-20mph Over Speed Limit $302 $3,633

Los Angeles Car Insurance Rates by Credit Tier

Calculating insurance rates by credit tier in Los Angeles is considered discriminatory. Hence, it is no longer used in calculating a driver’s car insurance payments.

Other Factors That Impact Your Insurance Rates In Los Angeles, CA

A drivers age, marital status, driving history, and gender are typical factors that impact car insurance rates in Los Angeles. However, there are other considerations insurance companies look into when calculating policy premiums.

A driver’s location is also accounted for when calculating car insurance rates. If you live in high-risk areas around Los Angeles prone to accidents, theft, crime, and uninsured driver, it is likely for your car insurance premiums to increase.

Neighborhoods of different ZIP codes have specific insurance quotes. Every ZIP code has specific risk factors; thus, prices vary. Los Angeles areas with high-risk ZIP codes pay 44% ($743) more than lower-risk regions.

Los Angeles Car Insurance Rates by ZIP Codes

Los Angeles, CA ZIP Code Average Rate
90003 $2,554
90004 $2,724
90005 $2,891
90006 $2,693
90007 $2,726
90010 $2,892
90011 $2,603
90012 $2,780
90013 $2,653
90014 $2,733
90015 $2,821
90016 $2,641
90017 $2,811
90018 $2,720
90019 $2,783
90020 $2,884
90021 $2,702
90024 $2,992
90025 $2,422
90026 $2,548
90027 $2,860
90028 $2,950
90029 $2,861
90031 $2,454
90032 $2,364
90033 $2,429
90034 $2,485
90035 $2,815
90036 $2,796
90037 $2,708
90038 $2,899
90039 $2,446
90041 $2,327
90042 $2,342
90043 $2,584
90044 $2,601
90045 $2,118
90046 $2,562
90047 $2,600
90048 $2,768
90049 $2,533
90057 $2,815
90058 $2,452
90061 $2,581
90062 $2,782
90064 $2,511
90065 $2,326
90067 $2,558
90068 $2,685
90069 $2,772
90071 $2,568
90073 $2,369
90077 $2,785
90079 $2,653
90089 $2,699
90292 $2,301
90402 $2,400
90501 $1,956
90731 $2,122
90732 $1,965
91330 $2,525
91340 $2,252
91342 $2,332
91345 $2,434

Los Angeles Driving and Weather Conditions

Lastly, weather conditions in certain areas are also considered a risk. Wet roads, loose brakes, low visibility, and other succeeding factors can cause accidents due to bad weather. Los Angeles experiences 41 days of rainfall a year. An average of 710,000 weather-related accidents occur around California every year. Not to mention the occasional earthquakes and wildfires. Hence, weather and driving conditions are crucial factors considered in calculating car insurance rates in Los Angeles as insurers use this data to calculate their level of risk on a policy.

Los Angeles Car Insurance FAQs

Will my vehicle be covered if I get in an accident during the day I reinstate my lapsed policy in Los Angeles?

Every company has different policies. Also, it will depend on how you reinstate your policy. If it was reinstated with no lapse, then you are entitled to file a claim.

What is the ideal car insurance to get in Los Angeles if your personal car is also your work vehicle?

It is best to look for a commercial policy or adjust your current personal car insurance that best fits your daily transactions.

Sandra Cruz

Sandra Cruz | Linkedin

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