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State Farm vs Farmers: Which Car Insurance Company Is Best for You?

Choosing the right car insurance company can save you hundreds of dollars per year. State Farm and Farmers Insurance are two of the most popular auto insurance carriers in the United States and both can be viable options for your next car insurance policy. To make the process as simple as possible for you, we've compared rates from each of these providers so you can make an informed decision when deciding which insurer is best for you.

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Compare State Farm vs. Farmers Auto Insurance Rates

State Farm vs Farmers Car Insurance: Rates by Credit Score

If your credit score needs some work, Farmers may be your best bet. For customers whose credit score is below below 580, Farmers charges approximately $1,000 less than State Farm. On the contrary, those with exceptional scores, or above 800, saw prices from State Farm almost $100 cheaper than those from Farmers.

Rates by Credit Score: State Farm vs Farmers Insurance
Credit level State Farm avg. annual premium Farmers avg. annual premium
Very Poor (300-579) $3,523 $2,631
Fair (580-669) $2,001 $1,739
Good (670-739) $1,615 $1,882
Very Good (740-799) $1,421 $1,450
Exceptional (800-850) $1,261 $1,357

State Farm vs Farmers Car Insurance: High-Risk Drivers

Consumers with reckless driving tickets, speeding tickets, and at-fault accidents with greater than $1,000 in damages on their record saved more money when using State Farm Car Insurance. Drivers with at-fault accidents less than $1,000 and DWIs on their record save more money when using Farmers Insurance.

Rates by Violation: State Farm vs Farmers Insurance
Infraction State Farm avg. annual premium Farmers avg. annual premium
At-Fault Accident (<$1,000 in Damages) $2,841 $2,333
At-Fault Accident (>$1,000 in Damages) $1,522 $1,696
DWI/DUI $3,854 $3,235
Reckless Driving $2,898 $4,634
Speeding $1,980 $2,048

As shown above, State Farm and Farmers charge differently for a variety of circumstances, so make sure to figure out which provider works best for you based on your unique situation.

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State Farm vs Farmers Car Insurance: Rates by Age

Insurance providers utilize the age of their drivers as a means to estimate how much risk they could be on the road. For instance, teen drivers commonly pay more due to their inexperience operating vehicles. Drivers from age 30 to 60 generally enjoy the cheapest rates. Below is how State Farm and Farmers compare regarding premiums for specific age groups.

Rates by Age: State Farm vs Farmers Insurance
Age State Farm avg. annual premium Farmers avg. annual premium
Teens $5,822 $6,511
20s $2,377 $2,025
30s $1,584 $2,028
40s $1,589 $1,510
50s $1,550 $1,501
60s $1,480 $1,407

As you can see, age is an important factor when determining how much you will pay for car insurance. We recommended you do your due diligence when selecting a provider and check out our free insurance rate comparison tool, which helps you compare rates instantly from the top 20 companies in your zip code.

State Farm vs Farmers Car Insurance: Emergency Road Services

State Farm Roadside Assistance provides vehicle removal, fuel delivery, locksmith services, tire changes, and jump-starting. It also comes with a towing service that will bring your vehicle to a repair station of your choosing.

Farmers Insurance offers roadside service that assists their customers for any reasonable or necessary service. The service includes roadside winching, locksmith services, jump starts, and flat tire changes. Farmers will cover up to $150 for towing services.

State Farm vs Farmers Car Insurance: Additional Discounts

Both providers offer an array of discounts for different characteristics of the driver and their vehicle. State Farm offers a special discount for vehicles manufactured after 1994, whereas Farmers has a discount for senior drivers. The discounts they offer differ from branch to branch.

State Farm has a few offers, such as a Telemagic Discount and Yearly Mileage Discount. Farmers, on the other hand, has a Home Owner discount and an Eco-Friendly Vehicle Discount. Below is the full list of discounts offered by both companies.

Discount Comparison State Farm Farmers
Good Driving Discount
Good Student Discount
Air Bag Discount
Anti-Theft Device Discount
Multiply Policy Holder Discount
Multiple Vehicle Discount
Defensive Driver Course Discount
Driving Class Discount
Anti-Lock Brake Discount
Eco-Friendly Vehicle Discount
Student Abroad At School Discoun
Advanced Purchasing Discount
Full Payment Discount
New Vehicle Discount
Home Owner Discount
Telematic Discount
Electronic Payment Discount
Yearly Mileage Discount
Military Discount

Frequently Asked Questions

What if your car is towed? Can State Farm or Farmers cover the towing fee?

Roadside assistance coverage can help you tow your car if it was in an accident, but not in the case of a parking violation.

Does Farmers give any exclusions?

Farmers does have a history of allowing exclusions in some cases. You would need to speak with an agent for further details on specific cases.

Why would your rates suddenly increase on an insurance policy?

Your premiums depend upon certain policy details, so speak with an agent about examples they have dealt with personally. Price increases are often attributed to issues like new traffic violations being put on your record.

Will State Farm or Farmers match car insurance quotes from other providers?

In truth, every car insurance provider bases their quotes on how well they have been doing as a company within the last year or even quarter. You may be able to use a high quote from another company when it comes to receiving more options for discounts, but it won't necessarily mean you get a better offer if the branch simply can't provide one.