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State Farm or Auto Club (AAA): Which Company is the Best Choice for You?

Picking which car insurance provider in California to go with can be incredibly hard. There's no doubt about it. It doesn't help when there is uncertainty about rates since they are based upon variables such as your location, driving record, and age. Each provider seems to have different discounts available as well.

If you are in this position you can reduce the problem by taking some of the most popular options and comparing every piece of info you can find about them. For now let's take State Farm and AAA (Auto Club). For example, these are two large insurance providers with plenty of members throughout the entire country let alone California.

To make the process easier for you we have researched average figures from the rates most commonly offered by AAA and State Farm. Please read on below to see how they stack up against one another in a variety of ways. In the end the right choice for you should hopefully be clearer.

Need more information? Read our comprehensive reviews of State Farm and AAA.

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Compare State Farm vs. Auto Club (AAA) Auto Insurance Rates

State Farm vs. Auto Club (AAA): Credit Score

If you have a low credit score State Farm may be the best option for you. It seems that State Farm provides members with credit scores in the range of 500 and less with better pricing than AAA. The disparity between the two companies fluctuates depending on the given credit bracket but State Farm gives better rates across the board when it comes to the credit. For more details here's how the two break down when comparing certain credit brackets:

Credit score insurance rate comparison: Auto Club (AAA) VS. State Farm
Credit level State Farm avg. annual premium Auto Club (AAA) avg. annual premium
Very Poor (300-579) $3,520 $6,567
Fair (580-669) $2,006 $4,021
Good (670-739) $1,618 $3,729
Very Good (740-799) $1,458 $3,002
Exceptional (800-850) $1,264 $2,818

Credit scores in the "Very Poor" range (which are around 300 to 580) had annual prices of around $3,500 from State Farm whereas AAA charged double that at $6,500. The "Fair" score range from 580 to 670 shared similar differences with $2,000 for State Farm and $4,000 for AAA. Members in the "Good" classification from 670 to 740 paid $1,600 with State Farm and $3,700 with AAA. "Very Good" credit ratings from 740 to 800 were met with annual rates of $1,450 from State Farm and $3,000 from AAA. "Exceptional" scores (800 to 850) corresponded to $1,260 from State Farm and $2,800 from AAA.

State Farm v.s Auto Club (AAA): High-Risk Drivers

If there are any knocks on your driving record like accidents that are your fault, speeding tickets, DUI offenses, or reckless driving violation. State Farm will be more forgiving than AAA. It's in your interest to keep the cleanest driving record possible but of course it won't be the end of the world if the cards were against you on that one. Here's how the two companies differ for high-risk driver rates:

Comparing auto insurance rates for bad drivers: State Farm v.s Auto Club (AAA)
Violation State Farm avg. annual premium Auto Club (AAA) avg. annual premium
At-fault accident (damage < $1,000) $2,846 $4,075
At-fault accident (damage > $1,000) $1,528 $4,005
DUI/DWI $3,858 $5,532
Reckless driving $2,893 $5,534
Speeding ticket $1,986 $4,079

State Farm offered an average rate of $2,840. Which the driver was at-fault in an accident with damage less than $1,000. Compared to AAA, it averaged $4,080. Driver’s at-fault accidents totaling over $1,000 were met with $1,500 rates from State Farm and $4,000 rates from AAA. DUI/DWI charges left State Farm charging $3,850 and AAA charging $5,500. Charges of reckless driving rates are $2,890 from State Farm and $5,500 from AAA. Speeding tickets incurred rates of $1,980 with State Farm and $4,070 with AAA. DUI/DWI charges left State Farm charging $3,850, and AAA charging $5,500. Charges of reckless driving warranted $2,890 from State Farm and $5,500 from AAA. Finally, speeding tickets incurred rates of $1,980 with State Farm and $4,070 with AAA.

State Farm vs. Auto Club (AAA): Comparison of rates by age

Insurance providers use the age of their drivers as a way to estimate how risky they might be on the road and the price is notably different from one age bracket to the next. For instance, it's common to find higher rates for new teen drivers given their inexperience on the road. Drivers in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s tend to enjoy the best rates overall. Not every insurance company values different age brackets the same. However, it’s always best to look up exact quotes for comparison. Here's how State Farm prices different ages in comparison to AAA:

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Comparing auto insurance rates by age: Auto Club (AAA) VS. State Farm
Age tier State Farm avg. annual premium Auto Club (AAA) avg. annual premium
Teens $5,822 $10,259
20s $2,376 $4,646
30s $1,588 $4,646
40s $1,589 $3,198
50s $1,559 $3,085
60s $1,486 $2,885

Teen drivers paid $5,800 with State Farm versus $10,250 with AAA. Drivers in their 20s paid $2,370 with State Farm plans versus $4,640 with AAA. For those in their 30s, $1,580 was the State Farm rate whereas $4,640 was the AAA rate. Drivers in their 40s, 50s, and 60s paid $1,480-$1580 with State Farm and $2,880-$3,190 with AAA.

Everyone will save more money with State Farm but this is especially apparent for teenage drivers. The disparity between the price ranges of that bracket is about $4,000.

Finances aside, when it all comes down to it there are a lot of pros and cons between State Farm and AAA both. State Farm tends to offer better deals when it comes to pricing alone but some of the perks of AAA are still rather alluring. Especially when it comes to roadside services. Regardless of which you pick be sure to determine if you may qualify for any of the following:

Discount Comparison State Farm Auto Club (AAA)
Good Student
Multiple Policies
Multiple Vehicles
Anti-Theft Device(s)
Anti-Lock Brake System
Air Bags
Good Driver
Defensive Driver
Student Away at School
Driver Training
Green Vehicles
Affinity Membership Alum
Advanced Purchase
Pay in Full
Home Owner
eSign or ePay
New Vehicle
Annual Mileage
Ratings Comparison State Farm Auto Club (AAA)
Financial Strength  Superior Good
JD Power Rankings 
3 out of 5
2 out of 5
User Satisfaction 
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Frequently Asked Questions

What if you have a car that was towed? Will State Farm or AAA reimburse the towing fee?

Roadside assistance coverage from State Farm does have towing aid but it doesn't kick in when your vehicle was towed for some form of a parking violation. AAA has the same policy.

Why would State Farm or AAA suddenly increase your rates?

Your premium depends on various policy details. State Farm or AAA themselves would be the best source to answer such questions. Common causes of price increases are new traffic violations on your record.

Do companies like State Farm or AAA match auto insurance quotes from their competitors?

Each provider of car insurance is going to base their quotes upon their unique standings with losses versus revenue. You can certainly use a higher quote from another provider to your advantage when it comes to receiving a little more care from an agent in seeing which discounts you may qualify for.

Can Roadside Assistance also cover drivers that aren't on the policy?

Roadside assistance only covers drivers that are on the policy. There would be a laundry list of possible legal issues when it comes to offering aid to drivers that have no insurance with the company they are filing with. With all of this in mind, you should hopefully have a better understanding of whether you should choose AAA or State Farm as a driver in California.