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By Sandra Cruz | Updated March 9, 2021

San Jose drivers pay an average of $163 monthly for car insurance. Your age, location, driving record, and other contributing factors can drive an increase or decrease to your specific quotes. Read our San Jose car insurance guide to learn how to save on your next policy and try Insurance Online's free quote comparison engine to compare rates instantly from the best cheap car insurance companies in your ZIP code.

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What Is The Average Cost Of San Jose Car Insurance?

San Jose drivers pay $1,853 annually for car insurance. It is comparative to California’s statewide average at $1,858 per year, but more expensive than the nationwide annual average of $1,538. Individual car insurance quotes are determind by insurers using factors such as age, driving history, marital status, vehichle make and model, and ZIP code, to name a few. Our auto insurance specialists at Insurance Online work around the clock to make sure affordable San Jose car insurance is accessible at all times to you and your family. Read on to learn more about car insurance rates in San Jose and how to save using our free insurance quote comparison tool.

San Jose Car Insurance Rates by Insurer

Auto insurance companies have significant differences in terms of rates, coverages offered, and discounts offered for drivers in San Jose, CA. It is best to compare rates from multiple companies before choosing one that suits your needs as a driver. The cheapest rates may not always be an ideal decision, especially if you drive in areas prone to accidents or if you have been in an accident before.

San Jose Auto Insurance Rates by Insurer

Company Name Monthly Rate Yearly Rate
GEICO $98 $1,171
AAA $136 $1,636
Mercury $126 $1, 506
USAA $163 $1,954
Allstate $157 $1,880

San Jose Car Insurance Premiums by Age

Age affects insurance rates because it is one factor insurance companies consider in judging a person’s ability to drive and their potential risk of filing a claim. As the driver ages, relatively, insurance will decrease. If you are a teenage driver, you will pay more for car insurance than experienced, older drivers. Teenage drivers are considered more at risk of getting into an accident and therefore they pay the most. However, after a teenage driver celebrates his/her 20th and 25th birthday, their rate will significantly decrease. On the other hand, older drivers in their 70s pay marginally higher rates at $1,946 than drivers in their 60s who pay $1,667 annually.

San Jose Car Insurance Rates by AGE

AGE GROUP Monthly Rate Annual Rate
Below 20 $576 $6,912
20s $230 $2,754
30s $150 $1,802
40s $145 $1,744
50s $139 $1,668
60s $139 $1,667
70s $162 $1,946

San Jose Auto Insurance Quotes By Marital Status

Marital status is also a basis used by insurers when calculating car insurance rates in San Jose. Married couples are considered more financially stable in contrast to other marital statuses. Moreover, married drivers are expected to be extra careful on the road and have less of a chance of filing a claim. Thus, married couples pay a less annualy for car insurance in San Jose, CA. Additionally, female drivers in San Jose pay more than male drivers by $4 annually.

San Jose Car Insurance Rates by Marital Status

Gender Monthly Rate Yearly Rate
Female $155 $1,857
Male $154 $1,853
Marital Status Monthly Rate Yearly Rate
Single $148 $1,777
Married $148 $1,777
Divorced $154 $1,853
Widowed $150 $1,804

Car Insurance Rates in San Jose by Violation History

High-risk drivers, or in other words, drivers who have been in an accident once or multiple times, pay higher rates than drivers with clean records. Car insurance companies consider every angle of risk in your driver profile before giving you a quote. Risk factors include your behavior behind the wheel, past violation records, location, and credit history. However, some insurance companies have the right to reject high-risk drivers, and some might insure them at an additional cost.

If San Jose drivers are found guilty of driving recklessly and causing accidents on the road, they will have to endure the increased rate of $3,080 annually. Speeding tickets, on the other hand, will garner a rate hike of $747. Moreover, DUI violations in San Jose will cost $2,967 more per year for car insurance.

San Jose, CA Car Insurance Cost After A Violation Or Accident

Violation Monthly Rate Annual Rate
DWI/DUI $401 $4,830
Reckless Driving $412 $4,943
At-Fault Accident with < $1000 Damages $155 $1,862
At-Fault Accident with > $2000 Damages $272 $3,269
Speeding Ticket with 16-20mph Over Speed Limit $218 $2,610

San Jose Car Insurance Rates by Credit Score

Your credit score can also impact your insurance rates in other states, but not California. If you start with a low credit score between 300 to 579, then move up to a score of 800 to 850, you are still not entitled to a decrease in your car insurance rates. In San Jose and throughout the state of California, credit score is no longer an applicable factor insurers are allowed to use because it is viewed as discriminatory by California lawmakers.

San Jose Auto Insurance Rates by Credit Tier

Credit Level Monthly Rate Annual Rate
Very Poor $186 $2,232
Fair $186 $2,232
Good $186 $2,232
Very Good $186 $2,232
Exceptional $186 $2,232

Other Factors That Impact Your Insurance Rates In San Jose, CA

San Jose car insurance companies account for age, marital status, and driving history when calculating your insurance rates. However, there are other factors insurance companies consider when calculating your specific quote.

Your ZIP code also impacts your car insurance rate in San Jose. If you live near accident-prone areas of San Jose with theft, crime, and uninsured motor vehicle drivers, then it is likely for your insurance rate to increase.

San Jose Car Insurance Rates by ZIP Code

San Jose ZIP Codes with Expensive Rates San Jose ZIP Codes with Cheaper Rates
95101 $1,906
95110 $1,915
95111 $1,993
95112 $2,055
95113 $2,115
95116 $2,058
95117 $1,742
95118 $1,710
95119 $1,719
95120 $1,708
95121 $1,939
95122 $2,055
95123 $1,783
95125 $1,722
95126 $1,800
95129 $1,719
95130 $1,640
95131 $1,851
95132 $1,853
95133 $1,960
95134 $1,744
95135 $1,774
95136 $1,790
95138 $1,828
95139 $1,689
95141 $1,823
95148 $1,956
95192 $2,040

Weather and Driving Conditions in San Jose

Weather conditions in San Jose are also considered a risk. Wet roads, loose brakes, low visibility, and other succeeding factors can cause accidents due to bad weather. San Jose, CA experiences 63 days of rainfall per year. An average of 710,000 weather-related accidents occur every year. Not to mention the occasional earthquakes and wildfires. Hence, weather conditions in San Jose are crucial factors considered as driving hazards and have an impact on your car insurance rates.

San Jose Car Insurance FAQs

Is it possible to pause my insurance in San Jose, CA if I'm away for work?

In this case, the ideal thing to do is to put your car into “storage protection.” It will mean that your vehicle is not legally allowed to be driven by anybody. This way, you will maintain your coverage and protect your vehicle from possible theft or weather damage. Moreover, it will reduce your insurance rates without actually canceling your insurance policy or registration.

Am I allowed to insure my friend’s car in San Jose, CA that I borrowed?

If your friend has a policy for his/her vehicle, he/she can add you to his policy as a covered driver.

Sandra Cruz

Sandra Cruz | Linkedin

Based in Newport Beach, CA, Sandra has been a licensed insurance agent in California and Texas for 5 years and is an editor and writer specializing in all types of insurance matters. Sandra is Insurance Online's authority on auto, home, and business insurance and has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Yahoo! Finance, and US World News Report.