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InsuranceOnline.com Quoting Disclosures

About Online Insurance Quotes

Online auto insurance quotes are NOT applications for insurance. Online insurance quotes are estimates only, based on information you provide and your insurance score, and are subject to change based on verification of information, including identification of the property or risk to be insured, claim and credit history, and/or information contained on other consumer reports.

Online property insurance quotes are NOT applications for insurance. Online property insurance quotes are initial estimates only, based in part on preliminary information you provide, and your insurance score. When you call to complete your quote, the information you provided will be verified, we will obtain additional consumer reports, including your claim history, you will be asked additional underwriting questions and the identification of the property or risk to be insured will be verified. Premium, coverages, discounts, deductibles and eligibility are subject to change based on this information and your insurance score. Final property quotes can only be obtained by calling an InsuranceOnline.com representative and completing the underwriting process.

Receipt of an online insurance quote does not guarantee that your application will be accepted should you apply for insurance. Likewise, our inability to provide you with an online insurance quote does not always mean that your application for insurance will be rejected, if you elect to submit an application.

The questions asked in these online insurance quote requests may vary from the questions asked on an application in a particular state. Online insurance quotes are based in part on the information you provide, please be as accurate as possible. It is possible based upon this information, that you may not get an online insurance quote.

Credit-Based Insurance Score and Consumer Reports

As part of the underwriting process in most states, the insurance company orders an insurance score based upon your credit history that may be used to underwrite and price your policy. Consumer reports that contain information about your driving* and claim history are also obtained. You have the right to be told the name and address of the reporting agencies that provide these reports and to see and correct your personal information.

As allowed by law, we may ask for credit and other consumer reports from consumer reporting agencies concerning your application for insurance or any renewal of insurance. Information given to us by an insurance support organization, including consumer reporting agencies may be retained by them and disclosed to other persons.

For auto insurance, we often get a report of accidents or convictions from your State Motor Vehicle Department. We get these reports through an independent reporting company. We may also check information from government agencies or independent reporting companies. This information helps us correctly rate and price your policy.

Your final premium is subject to change based on verification of driving record, claim history and/or other consumer reports.

Please note insurance score is not used in the state of California, for auto insurance in Massachusetts, nor for residential property insurance in Maryland.