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Fort Worth, TX drivers pay an average of $121 per month for car insurance. However, various factors will influence the difference in your individual car insurance rates. Your age, location, credit level, and gender are a few factors that impact your annual car insurance rates in Arlington. Thus, quotations always vary and it is best to compare quotes to get the most affordable coverage for what you need.

What Is The Average Annual Car Insurance Cost in Fort Worth?

The average car insurance rate in Fort Worth, TX is $1,446 annually. It is slightly higher than the statewide average of $1,415, but cheaper than the nation’s average of $1,548. However, different companies offer different deals and coverage options and it is best to compare rates to get a better deal.

Forth Worth Car Insurance Rates by Company

Choosing the car insurance company that best suits your driver’s profile is one way to save on your insurance rate. Choosing the cheapest policy is not always an option if you reside in areas prone to theft, crime, or potential driving hazards, and if you have a past violation on your record. However, if you have a clean driving record, it is likely for your insurance company to offer cheaper rates. USAA offers the most affordable car insurance rates in Fort Worth.

Fort Worth Car Insurance Rates by Companies with the Most Affordable Rates

Company Name Monthly Rate Yearly Rate
USAA $103 $1,230
State Farm $110 $1,314
GEICO $110 $1,317
Allstate $189 $2,269

Fort Worth Car Insurance Rates by Age Bracket

Age is accounted for by auto insurance companies in Fort Worth for judging their customers ability to drive safely. Fort Worth drivers in their fifties and sixties pay cheaper rates. On the other hand, teenage drivers in Fort Worth are considered high-risk drivers and are more prone to getting into accidents. Thus, they have the most expensive rates, with a significant gap between different ages. However, teenagers will be entitled to a substantial decrease in their car insurance rates on their 20th birthday.

Fort Worth Car Insurance Rates by Age

AGE GROUP Monthly Rate Annual Rate
Teenagers $308 $3,692
20s $157 $1,879
30s $119 $1,423
40s $116 $1,387
50s $105 $1,254
60s $108 $1,298
70s $133 $1,599

Fort Worth Auto Insurance Premiums by Marital Status and Gender

Another factor that contributes to your auto insurance rate in Fort Worth is your marital status. Married drivers in Fort Worth pay lower rates than single drivers. Married drivers are considered more responsible on the road and more financially stable. Additionally, widowed drivers pay cheaper rates than single drivers.

Moreover, gender is another factor that affects your car insurance quotes. Male drivers in Fort Worth, TX, pay $9 more than female drivers. Female drivers are considered more careful drivers than males. Hence, female drivers are entitled to a $9 decrease in car insurance rates.

Average Car Insurance Rates in Fort Worth by Marital Status and Gender

Gender Monthly Rate Yearly Rate
Female $120 $1,437
Male $121 $1,446
Marital Status Monthly Rate Annual Rate
Single $113 $1,352
Married $113 $1,352
Divorced $121 $1,446
Widowed $110 $1,319

Fort Worth Car Insurance Rates by Driving History and Violation

In Fort Worth, your driving record substantially impacts your car insurance costs. Your insurance rates will see an additional cost annually if you are found guilty in driving recklessly or speeding.

A significant increase of $786 will be added to your annual insurance rates if you are proven to be driving recklessly, while an increase of $127 will be rendered for speeding tickets. As for DWI/DUI violations, an additional $806 will be added to your annual premium. Thus, it is essential to maintain a clean driving history to receive a cheaper car insurance rate in Fort Worth.

Fort Worth Car Insurance Rates by Violation Record and Driving History

Violation Monthly Rate Annual Rate
DWI/DUI $188 $2,252
Reckless Driving $186 $2,232
At-Fault Accident (less than $1000 damages) $153 $1,832
At-Fault Accident (greater than $2000 damages) $183 $2,195
Speeding Ticket (over 16-20 mph over speeding limit) $131 $1,573

Fort Worth Car Insurance Rates by Credit Score

Credit score is another factor that impacts car insurance rates in Forth Worth, TX. If a driver substantially elevates their credit score from “Very Poor” (300-579) to “Exceptional” (800-850), they will receive as much as 61% in savings on their car insurance rates. Additionally, taking a step from “Fair” credit to the “Very Poor” tier will also save you up to $1,250 on your annual cost. Thus, the improving your credit tier in Fort Worth is one way to save on your car insurance premium.

Fort Worth Car Insurance Rates by Credit Level

Credit Score Monthly Rate Yearly Rate
Very Poor $254 $3,050
Fair $150 $1,800
Good $121 $1,446
Very Good $112 $1,343
Exceptional $99 $1,192

Forth Worth Car Insurance Rates by Location

Location is another contributing factor to your car insurance rates. If you live in areas of Forth Worth considered high-risk, it is likely for your car insurance rates to increase. Certain places in Fort Worth are prone to accidents, theft, crime, and uninsured motorists. These areas have more expensive rates by 13% ($171) than areas considered lower-risk.

Forth Worth Car Insurance Rates by ZIP Code

Fort Worth ZIP Codes with Expensive Rates Fort Worth ZIP Codes with Cheaper Rates
76111 76247
76102 76028
76105 76116
76106 76052
76104 76108

Fort Worth Driving and Weather Conditions

Weather conditions are a cause auto accidents in Fort Worth. Drivers experience wet brakes, slick roads, low-visibility, and other driving hazards during bad weather.

Fort Worth experiences an average of 76 rainy days annually, with occasional thunderstorms and flash floods. Hence, weather is a source of car accidents in Fort Worth and increases the chances of drivers potentially filing a claim with their insurer.

List of Car Insurance Companies in Fort Worth

21st Century
Aggressive Insurance
AmWINS Heritage
Amica Mutual Insurance
Assurance America
Bristol West
Cal Casualty
Commonwealth Casualty
Direct Auto
Germania Mutual
Jupiter Auto
Kemper Auto
Kemper Preferred
Lamar General Agency
Liberty Mutual
National General
Pronto Flex
Safe Auto
Safeway Insurance Company
State Auto
State Farm
Texas Farm Bureau
The General
The Hartford

Fort Worth Car Insurance FAQs

How do I transfer the registered name of a car gifted to me in Fort Worth?

You will need the title transferred and registered to your name. You can look for more information on TX DMV.

I have been in an accident without other cars involved. Will my car damages be covered if I only have PIP & Liability minimum insurance in Fort Worth?

Your car’s damages will not be covered with that type of insurance, as liability insurance will only cover other cars’ damages.