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Everything You Need to Know About PIP (Personal Injury Protection) Insurance

Below you will find a comprehensive description of Personal Injury Protection insurance from the definition to the extent of coverage you should get.

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PIP (Personal Injury Protection) Insurance

In case of an accident, PIP (Personal Injury Protection) insurance is designed to cover the medical costs for you as well as for your passengers.

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Personal Injury Protection Insurance Defined

In the event of a car accident and without considering who is at fault, PIP insurance is the car insurance component that covers losses associated with loss of work and medical costs incurred by you and any passengers involved. Since it covers injuries without considering who is at fault, Personal Injury Protection insurance is required in “No-Fault” jurisdictions.

When Do You Need Personal Injury Protection Insurance?

  • If the passengers you have with you in your vehicle sustain injuries after an accident, they may hold you responsible for any related medical costs.
  • If your health insurance is lacking, you might benefit from having Personal Injury Protection coverage. Reach out to your healthcare provider to find out whether you have enough health care insurance to reduce your need for Personal Insurance Protection insurance significantly.

Personal Injury Protection Insurance Coverage Span

Your medical costs include medication, ambulance fees, treatment, surgical, and other medical fees/charges.

Your passengers will be covered to the limit of the policy regardless of whether you have caused the accident or not, as PIP insurance provides the “No-Fault” coverage. Therefore, rehabilitation costs and lost wages can also be recovered through Personal Injury Protection coverage.

How Much Is Covered Under Personal Injury Protection Insurance?

Depending on the state you live in, Personal Injury Protection insurance offers a varying amount of benefits and different levels of coverage. Up to a maximum of $10,000 Personal Injury Protection insurance normally covers 60 percent of losses occasioned by the loss of work and 80 percent of medical costs in the state of Florida

For example, having an idea of the amount of Personal Injury Protection insurance you require is essential. For detailed information, reach out to your insurance provider or agent.

You Need To Have Personal Injury Protection Coverage in the Following States

Map of states that require Personal Injury Protection coverage

The Cost of Personal Injury Protection Coverage

Location, insurance provider, car type, and age are some of the factors influencing the cost of Personal Injury Protection coverage. For pricing and estimates from top-rated insurance providers, input your ZIP code at Insurance Online.

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