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3 Times You'll Actually Need Renters Insurance

3 Times You'll Actually Need Renters Insurance

Renters insurance is a cost-effective and guaranteed way to protect your belongings while you are renting a house, apartment, or condo. It protects your valuables and can help you replace them in the event that something happens.

For just a couple hundred dollars a year, California renters insurance can cover you. So, what does renters insurance cover? From your furniture and clothes, to your belongings and even a guest injuring themselves at your place, you’re covered.

Before the team of experienced professionals at Insurance Online helps you find the perfect policy, learn more about three incidents in which you’ll need renters insurance.

Renters insurance for Theft

Of the many reasons to have renters insurance, theft protection is the most important. While renters insurance will not prevent burglary, it will cover your lost assets in the unfortunate event that you’re robbed. Break-ins occur more often than you might think.

The most up-to-date reports showed that in 2016 there were 7,919,035 burglaries nationwide. In California alone, there were 1,002,070 reported cases of property crimes, including burglary. If those statistics are upsetting, then you need to find a California insurance carrier that offers renters insurance.

Renters Insurance for a Fire

Renters insurance covers all different fire-related things, including but not limited to: personal property, liability and loss of use. This means that in the case of a fire, your personal property will be covered. Whether you cause the fire yourself or someone else starts it, you’re covered.

Renters insurance also covers any damage to the building, as well as any injuries inflicted as a result of the fire. Loss of use coverage refers to a fire that makes your apartment unlivable for a certain amount of time. Renters insurance will also cover any living expenses – like a hotel stay – while your apartment gets repaired.

Renters Insurance for Vandalism

At first glance, you might think that this just covers graffiti, but vandalism is any intentional act that destroys someone's property. So, any intentional destruction of property is covered under renters insurance.

In some cases, certain renters insurance policies can act as mini-travel insurance. If your personal items are stolen or destroyed at an airport, the bus terminal, or a hotel, some carriers will allow you to file a claim. When your property value and personal items both suffer a loss as the result of intentional destruction or damage, renters insurance will cover you.

An important thing to note is that there are a few key differences between homeowners insurance and renters insurance. For homeowners, insurance policies cover the home itself, and then added insurance can insure the belongings in your home. Some mortgages require that the homeowner has insurance, too.

As for an apartment, condo, or rental home, renters are not covered by their landlord and need insurance to cover their belongings. Right now, you probably don’t need homeowners insurance. But when the day comes that you do need homeowners insurance, you know who to calleven if it’s 3 AM.

Our team at Insurance Online are California natives who understand how important it is that you’re covered. And with decades of experience, we can find the right insurance coverage for whatever your needs are. Contact us today at (800) 313-8013 to find the perfect renters insurance for you.

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