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5 Hacks to Keep Your Home Cool In California Heat

5 Hacks to Keep Your Home Cool In California Heat

When it comes to California weather, Nelly said it best: “It’s getting hot in here.” If Southern California’s insane 110-degree heatwave is any indication, temperatures are getting hotter - and more quickly than ever. Three-digit temperatures are cropping up all over California and have launched West Coast residents in a battle against the elements. Scorching hot days often lead to sweltering nights, and to make matters worse, these high temperatures are being accompanied by rolling power outages.

But all hope is not lost. You can turn your abode into a delightful sanctuary from rising temperatures with a few simple tweaks. Here are five hacks to keep your home cool in the California heat.

Invest in Blackout Curtains

Windows are some of the biggest culprits when it comes to a way-too-hot home. More than 70% of the sunlight that passes through your windows directly impacts the temperature of your home. Curtains and drapes are uber quick cooling options that block some of that heat and instantly cool down your house. Blackout curtains, also known as thermal curtains, block 100% of outside light, meaning they also block the California heat. There are different grades of light-blocking curtains, and these are the most effective drapery options for preventing any extra heat.

Change Your Ceiling Fan Setting

Did you know that you should adjust the rotation of your ceiling fan each season? Most homeowners don’t realize that the direction of a fan’s rotation makes a huge difference. The rotation should be set to counterclockwise during the summer for most standard ceiling fans. A reversed circulation pushes the air downwards to create a noticeable breeze. On the other hand, a clockwise rotation is ideal for winter. When the blades move 'forward' the fan is circulating the air, causing warm air to rise and raising the overall room temperature.

Create an Indoor Garden

Indoor plants do so much more than make your home Instagram-worthy: they can help you beat the California heat. Many houseplants are beneficial by purifying the air in your home and cooling the immediate areas around them. Popular plants such as aloe vera, rubber plants, and ferns are noted for their cooling properties. They do so by releasing moisture into the air and cooling their environment by up to 10 degrees. Having an indoor garden is easier than you may think. Many garden centers and nurseries identify which houseplants are easy to keep alive and suitable for growing indoors.

Ditch the Stove

Things are getting hot in the kitchen, but not for the reasons we'd like. Both electric and gas ranges are notorious for releasing a lot of heat during and after being used. Our advice: switch to smaller appliances that generate a lot less heat. Slow cookers and outdoor grills are great alternatives that minimize any unnecessary heat. Skip using the stove to eliminate a huge heat source (bonus: you’ll also lower your cooling costs). If using the stove is unavoidable, try to restrict its use until evening. Wait until cooler evening temperatures to prevent your A/C from having to work extra hard to keep your house cool.

Clean Your Air Conditioner's Filter

If you're lucky enough to have a working air conditioner, make sure it's running as efficiently as possible. Check to see if the filter needs to be cleaned, or even replaced. A dirty A/C filter obstructs airflow. It also causes your unit to have to work harder, which uses more electricity and costs more money. Cooling costs are one of the largest expenses for the average Californian's electric bill. Check your filter every month, or upgrade to an Energy Star-approved unit. Energy efficient air conditioners perform more efficiently and pay for themselves with the savings from cooling costs.

Give "California cool" a whole new meaning with these five hacks to keep your home comfortable in the California heat. No matter how high the temperatures, make sure your home is ready for whatever the weather brings. You can find affordable home insurance in less than three minutes with Insurance Online, the top home insurance provider in California. Call (949) 566-8760 or visit InsuranceOnline.com for a fast and free home insurance quote today!

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