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Must-Do Winter Activities in California

Must-Do Winter Activities in California

California is the land of all seasons. And at no time during the year is this more apparent than in winter. No matter if you want to roll in the snow, or have fun in the sun, winter in California has something to offer everyone. At InsuranceOnline.com, we always like to keep our customers up to date on all the best of California living, so here’s our list of must-do winter activities in California.

Get Out on the Trails

Winter time in California means a much-needed respite from the oppressively dry heat of the summer months. This means that winter is the perfect time to get out and explore the great California outdoors and all it has to offer. And perhaps the best way to explore is by trekking on some of the beautiful trails. Take, for example, Yosemite Falls Trail. This unforgettable hike offers spectacular views of the area’s waterfalls, as well as panoramic views of the valley floor.  Or, if you choose to stay down south, Runyon Canyon Park, just outside of central Los Angeles is a hidden gem, right in the midst of the urban sprawl. No matter where you are, there’s sure to be a breathtaking trail close by.

Hit the Slopes

California is home to some of the world’s premier skiing and snowboarding resorts. What makes these resorts great is that no matter if you live in SoCal or NorCal, there’s a fantastic one right in your backyard! With so many great resorts and mountains to choose from, it may seem impossible to pick the best place to visit. However, there’s no need to fret, as we’ve already compiled the list of must-visit ski and snowboard resorts for you here.

Explore the Desert

What makes California such an amazing place to live - and play – is that no matter what you are looking for, the Golden State has it! If you like to get away from it all, what better place to explore than the desert? Even better, the winter is the best time to visit these desolate lands, as not only are the temperatures much more bearable, but the crowds have also died down. From Joshua Tree and Death Valley National Parks to salt flats, and even Palm Springs, the possibilities, excitement, and seclusion the California deserts have to offer are a can’t miss this winter!

Relax on the Beach

If the desolate sands of the desert aren’t your speed, why not explore the sandy beaches of So Cal? Southern California is the land of eternal sunshine, meaning you can relax by the surf any time of the year! From the hustle and bustle of Manhattan Beach to the beauty and excitement of Tourmaline Surfing Park down in San Diego, winter is the best time to beat the crowds while catching rays. Or, perhaps you want to people watch. What better place than the unique patrons on Venice Beach? Or maybe you want to chill out with friends and enjoy a cozy bonfire under the bright California skies? In the winter here, anything is possible!

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