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Does Car Insurance Cover Rust Damage?

Does Car Insurance Cover Rust Damage?

When it comes to what is covered under your typical auto insurance plan, sometimes it can be pretty confusing. What, for example, is considered normal wear and tear? If you are ever wondering about anything insurance related, be it home, auto, renters, or even business insurance, we’re here to help. At Insuranceonline.com, we want our customers to have the knowledge they need to make the best insurance choices for themselves. So, if you’ve ever found yourself asking, “Does auto insurance cover rust damage?”, look no further. We have your answers.

Rust Damage and Auto Insurance

Rust is a problem no car owner wants to face. Rust means the metal of your vehicle is exposed to oxygen and moisture and is corroding, and it will only get worse with time. Rust is also a tricky thing when it comes to insurance claims. That is because rust is usually not covered. We say usually, because, sometimes it is. Confused? Don’t worry.

Wear and Tear

For the most part, rust is not covered by most insurance plans. This is because rust is usually considered the by-product of wear and tear on the vehicle. Most auto insurance plans offer either collision or comprehensive cover for damages which occur, but not routine wear and tear which is down to poor maintenance or age.

This is because insurance companies want to avoid having to pay out for repairs which could have been easily avoided through proper maintenance of the vehicle. While this may sound like a bad thing, in reality, it means that it helps keep insurance rates down for everyone involved.

Damage from a Collision or Other incident

If, however, the rust damage your vehicle is suffering from is not simply the result of age, it may be covered, depending upon the scenario. Comprehensive insurance, for instance, will usually cover your vehicle for any damages which are the result of anything other than a collision. This is known as “Other Than Collision” or OTC coverage.  Should your vehicle be damaged as a result of flooding, or if a repair by a professional mechanic was performed incorrectly, the resulting rust damages would most likely be covered. Similarly, if the rust is the result of a collision, this should also be covered by your auto insurance.

If you are unsure of what is covered in a policy before you buy, your best bet is to simply ask, so that you aren’t left with headaches and costly bills in the future.

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