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Tips For Moving To California From Across the Country

Tips For Moving To California From Across the Country

Moving across the country and relocating to the West Coast can be overwhelming, and with good reason. Many things are up in the air, and you might not be quite sure what to expect.

California is home to show business, some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and it is the only place where you can compare life insurance quotes 24/7.

While living somewhere is truly the best way to learn the ins and outs of a place, there are a few pro tips we can give you to make your move a breeze (like the one you’ll feel every day in The Golden State). Read on to learn the main things to keep in mind when moving to California.

The Northern California vs Southern California Rivalry is Real, and it’s Intense

California is a huge state – it has the largest population in the country, in fact. That being said, with nearly 40 million Californians, it’s inevitable that the passions people have here are unmatched, especially when it comes down to Northern California vs Southern California. Whether it’s college sports teams, professional sports teams– literally anything you can think of – the competition never wavers. It all depends on where in California you are relocating to, but be prepared for a rivalry unlike any other.

California Has Festivals for Everything

California has a festival for literally everything. If music festivals are your thing, there are plenty to choose from. If you prefer a fun and delicious food and drink festival, we’ve got it. If you love flying kites, California has festivals for that, too. No matter what you’re interested in, this state has something for everyone. Even if you haven’t found your niche in life you just yet, you’ll definitely discover it within a short time of living in California.

You Will Need a Car

Chances are you already have a car since you’re moving across the country. However, it needs emphasizing: you will need a car. Unless you’re living somewhere like San Francisco, you will more than likely be living in a residential, low-density community. It goes without saying, but California is a long state. So, as a new resident, you’ll want to visit different towns and explore your new home, and having a car will allow you to do that. With a car, you’ll need car insurance, which Insurance Online can handle for you any day, at any time.

Earthquakes are Common

Yes, you read that correctly. Earthquakes are common in California. On average, the state experiences about 10,000 per year. However, most of the earthquakes are so small they aren’t even felt! As a new homeowner, moving to a new state and having never experienced earthquakes may make the thought of one scary. Your first thought might have even been, “How much is home insurance in California?” Well, the agents at Insurance Online can put your mind at ease and help find you the best home insurance in California so that you’re covered in any event.

You’re Going to Love It Here

California really does have it all. It has something to offer everyone, from any background, with any interests. The days are beautiful, the sights are unparalleled to any other, and you will feel a true sense of community no matter which area you live in.

We’re so happy that you’ve chosen to move to California! The agents at Insurance Online are also based here, living in the same communities as you. To make your move as seamless as possible, we will always go above and beyond to help you find the right policy for your situation. Contact us today at 1(800) 313-8013 for home coverage, 1(800) 956-9611 for auto, or 1(800) 520-1559 for business.

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