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Is Unexpected California Humidity Causing Mold in Your Home?

Is Unexpected California Humidity Causing Mold in Your Home?

California, in general, has a fairly dry climate. But occasionally we experience bursts of humidity. Beyond making the air “sticky” and uncomfortable, humidity can have a negative effect on our health and homes through mold. Molds are simple, microscopic organisms which can grow on walls and ceilings due to excess moisture. They smell, they’re unsightly and they can even kill. Is unexpected California humidity causing mold in your home? If so, what causes it – and what can you do to stop it?

What Causes of Mold?

The Stack Effect

One of the major culprits for dampness and mold in houses is something known as the “stack effect.” The stack effect is a phenomenon where hot air leaves the home through the attic or upper levels, creating a vacuum below – allowing more moist air to be pulled in through basements or lower floors.

If, for example, your area is experiencing higher than normal humidity, the stack effect could result in increased moisture in your basement or lower levels – which may lead to mold spores. As the stack effect continues, this damp air will make its way up through your home, the spores will travel as well, infesting all that they come into contact with

How to Remove Mold & Protect Your Home

Once you have identified an outbreak of mold in your home, what should you do? The first step is to control the humidity.


Moisture can be a problem in any home due to bathing and cooking. To protect from mold and reduce humidity it is essential that adequate ventilation be available. This is especially true for all bathrooms and the kitchen. As fans can be noisy, a smart idea is to install something called a humidistat, which can silently monitor humidity levels and turn fans on when needed.


Single pane windows are less effective at keeping moisture out than double paned windows. Double paned windows offer improved sound insulation. Storm windows are a much better option on paper, as they are excellent at keeping nearly everything out – but in California, they aren’t really practical.

Cut Out Mold Infestations

Once you’ve taken steps to reduce the humidity, you need to tackle the mold infestations. One of the most drastic ways to achieve this is to simply cut out the parts of the wall which have been most affected by mold spores, then replace the wall.  This will probably be unavoidable for particularly large clusters of molds.

Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning products can be effective at killing mold and removing the stains. Some of the best cleaning solutions include:

  • Bleach
  • Vinegar
  • Borax
  • Ammonia
  • Baking Soda


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