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6 Things That True  Californians Can't Live Without

6 Things That True Californians Can't Live Without

California, at times, seems to be its own country. Sure, we have a lot in common with the rest of America, but we also have a lot that makes us unique!  Here’s Insurance Online’s guide to 6 things Californians can’t live without.


In California, In-N-Out is king. That’s not really an opinion – it’s a fact. Yes, there many other great burger options available – Shake Shack makes a particularly mean burger – but In-N-Out is just a California institution! This humble burger chain has come to mean more to Californians than just burgers and fries – it has come to personify the essence of the state itself. When Californians who have moved elsewhere make the journey back home, often the first stop is In-N-Out for a Double Double. Maybe even animal style if they’re feeling particularly nostalgic.

The NorCal- SoCal Feud

When outsiders think of California, they may think we’re all the same. But anyone who has lived here knows that NorCal and SoCal are worlds apart. Californians have their favorite stereotypes of those on the other side of the state and they plan on sticking to ‘em! Not everyone in NorCal is a hippy in Birkenstocks, not are all SoCal women “Valley Girls” and all the guys “bros.” That said, however, all Californians love the north-south rivalry and miss it when they move away.

Fish Tacos

California hugs the Pacific Ocean, making seafood a key part of any diet. That, combined with the state’s Mexican heritage, means life here without fish tacos is unimaginable! Fish tacos to Californians are like fried chicken to those in the south – they just go hand and hand. Traveling through the state, from San Francisco to San Diego – and every part in between and beyond – you’ll find local variations on fish tacos on nearly every corner!


Ask any Californian, north or south, and they’ll tell you that avocado makes anything better. This humble Mexican fruit is perfect for more than just guacamole. In California avocado goes with everything! Ice cream? Yup! Pasta sauce? Sure. Even cakes can be blessed with the wonders of the little green avocado – truly a superfood if there ever was one!

The Sun

Florida may be the Sunshine State, and it may “Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” but Californians know where the sun truly shines brightest. Sure it snows in the Californi mountains, and it may drizzle up north, but Californians love the outdoor life and the sunny weather the state provides.

A Car

Californians need cars. It’s that simple. In a state as large as California, without a car – you’re toast. Sure there is public transportation – it’s particularly good in San Francisco – but almost everywhere else, if you don’t have a car, you’re in trouble. If you’re a Californian – or a Californian who’s moved away -  I bet one of the first images that come to mind is traffic on the 5, isn’t it? And, as any true Californian is sure to point out to someone who isn’t from here, it’s the 5, not interstate 5.

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