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The Top 5 Smart Home Gadgets of 2020

The Top 5 Smart Home Gadgets of 2020

A smart future means a safer future. More and more Americans are believing and investing in the power of smart home gadgets. With better smart home gadgets and technologies, living has become more efficient and even affordable. Here are the top five smart home gadgets of 2018.

Best Smart Home Gadgets to Buy

Getting the coolest smart home gadgets is an all-around investment. Here are the top smart home gadgets you should get this season:

Smart Doorbell Cameras

It’s an age-old rule of thumb to never open your door to strangers. Smart doorbell cameras remove the discomfort and even hazard of peeping through the window. The live stream of your front porch pushes through to your device. It can give you warning against security risks, unwanted visitors, or even neighborhood pranksters.

Plus, you can view the live stream even when you’re away from home. Has your drop-off package arrive yet? Now you’ll know.

Smart Plugs

Plugged-in devices and appliances can be a big drain in your billing account, especially when they’re not actively used 24 hours a day. They can even pose a fire hazard. Luckily, smart plugs can turn any device, even antique lamps, into a smart device. Smart plugs allow you to control your devices remotely. Most systems can even operate on a timer.

Smart Locks

After walking a couple of blocks away from your home, do you sometimes double back just to check if you’ve locked the door? Smart locks are one of the top smart home gadgets because they remove the anxiety of locking the door when you’re in a rush or if you’re a bit absent-minded.

A smart lock will automatically lock a door behind you, and then unlock it when you are approaching. The control is all based on your mobile device, and you can key in your friends as well.

Smart Thermostats

Imagine coming home from a hot California day to an even warmer house – what a nightmare, right? Luckily, that kind of scenario is in the past. With smart thermostats, you can adjust the temperature or AC controls of your home from afar. You can save energy and even control the AC for your pet at home.

Smart Smoke/Carbon Detectors

Alarm systems are useless if no one’s around to hear them (or if you’re in too deep of a sleep). In the smart, interconnected world, gadgets such as smoke or carbon detectors can already send out messages to remote homeowners and even insurers when a fire starts. By getting the word out early, you can receive a faster response from authorities.

Smart Home Gadgets Save Insurance Money

Smart home technology saves up on utility bills. Connecting appliances, having smart thermostats, and installing smart lighting are all ways to cut down on energy use to ensure efficiency. However, many people don’t know that smart home technology also saves up on liability insurance.

Home insurance companies can offer incentives through premium discounts for homeowners who will share data collected by their smart home devices. This type of usage data can help profile or characterize the behavior of the owner. Do they have precautions in place to reduce risk? Do they have a security system or an active alarm system? More importantly, is the property owner actually taking the smart precautions?

Trust in Insurance Online

With the coolest smart home gadgets helping insurance companies strengthen their underwriting practices, insurance companies can more accurately minimize losses and underwrite risks. Property owners get to benefit from the reduced overall costs and better insurance.

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