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Moving in Together? Here’s Your No-Fuss Move-In Checklist

Moving in Together? Here’s Your No-Fuss Move-In Checklist

Moving can be fun, but it can also be tricky and stressful. This is especially true if you are moving in with a loved one or significant other.  Moving in together? Here’s your no-fuss move-in checklist.

Relationship Issues and Moving-In Together

Before you decide to move-in together, it is essential that you discuss certain things to ensure the new arrangements won’t be a disaster for your relationship:


Most people hate talking about money. That much is true. Unfortunately, when it comes to new living arrangements, money is critical. Especially if, like most of us, you have bills that need paying. Having an open and honest discussion about your finances is not a recommendation – it is desperately needed. What is your rent or mortgage payment going to be monthly? What about utilities and other bills? Knowing exactly who is responsible for what bills is the best way to avoid any headache or lingering drama once you are all moved-in.


Like money, cleaning isn’t really a fun topic of discussion. But similarly, no one wants to live with a slob if they are a tidy individual. You have probably been together long enough to know if your loved one is not entirely clean when it comes to dishes and laundry, but now is your chance to set some boundaries and expectations.

What’s Next for Your Relationship?

The most important thing to consider before you decide to move in with your significant other is whether or not you want this to be the next step in your relationship – or merely just living arrangements. Is this going to potentially lead to marriage?  Do you have the same hopes and aspirations for your relationship? This is the ideal time to have a frank and open discussion about your future.

Practical Considerations

Now that you’ve ironed out all of your relationship issues and unpacked that emotional baggage, it’s time to plan the practical side of your move. Here are a few key things to remember to do before moving in:

  • Contact the Post Office to change your mailing address.
  • Have the utilities shut off at your old place or have them read the meters for your final bill.
  • Contact your cable, phone and internet providers to have your service switched to the new place.
  • Call a moving company and schedule a date to move your stuff. Failing that, call your friends and bribe them with pizza.
  • Make sure you are stocked up on packing tape, cardboard boxes, and dollies for moving heavy objects and furniture.
  • Ensure your old residence is thoroughly cleaned if you are renting.
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