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Live Your Best Life: The Coolest Travel Destinations Departing from California

Live Your Best Life: The Coolest Travel Destinations Departing from California

There’s plenty to do and see in California, and no one knows this better than the people who live there. However, with a state this big and with so much going on within its borders, it’s sometimes easy to forget that there’s a whole world out there, full of wonderful sights and fascinating places. Luckily, flights from California take off to incredible places every day. If you’re looking for new experiences for your summer vacation, check out our list of the coolest travel destinations departing from California!

Orlando, FL: Theme Park Capital of the World

If you’ve been to Disneyland plenty of times, why not check out a resort with even more theme parks? Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is home to not only the Disneyland-like Magic Kingdom, but to three other massive parks unlike anything you can find in Anaheim. There are even two water parks, which means you can spend a whole week there without running out of things to do.

Orlando has even more to offer, with three Universal Studios parks, its very own Seaworld, and many more. This magical city was practically made for tourists, with attractions ranging from the grand and immersive to the humbly hokey. No matter what you do and how you budget your trip, you’re sure to find something fun and memorable. Look at flights from California to Florida and see what the East Coast has to offer!

Honolulu, HI: America’s Island Paradise

The beaches of the Golden State may be beautiful, but the Aloha State has plenty to brag about, too! Hawaii may seem like an obvious choice for a vacation, but it’s for good reason. Beaches aside, the island chain is home to jungles, volcanoes, coral reefs, and all kinds of natural wonders. It’s also conveniently close to our state - or at least, closer to here than others - so you’ll find plenty of flights heading out from a California airport to Oahu.

While all that is great, it’s also, well, pretty well-known by now. We recommend the state’s capital city in particular because not only does it have the sand and surf and forest hiking trails, but it also has a unique metropolitan vibe that you might not find closer to home. The city’s atmosphere is a distinct and rich combination of influences from North America, the state’s East Asian neighbors, and its native Polynesian culture. You may be surprised by what you find there, from the massive open-air market of Ala Oana to the majestic former royal palace.

Mexico City: The Golden State’s Real Roots

California’s southern border meets with the northwest border of Mexico, and the cultural influence of the state’s former sovereign is still strong. You may have experienced some of the country’s traditions and eaten some cuisine, and if you live in the state, you may just be Mexican-American yourself. With that said, it’s another thing altogether to go straight to the source of that heritage.

Mexico City in particular offers a variety of sights and locales for everyone. People interested in history can explore ancient Aztec temples, art enthusiasts can visit a museum that used to be the home of Frida Kahlo, and sports fans can get a taste of genuine luchador wrestling. Of course, authentic Mexican cuisine is a can’t-miss for anyone used to “Tex-Mex.” Plus, not only can traveling from California to this capital city help you experience all this, but such a trip might give you a greater appreciation for how Mexico, its history, and its people have helped make California the place that it is.

We hope that this list gets you and your favorite travel buddies thinking about the coolest travel destinations departing from California! While you’re looking for flights from California and getting out of the house for a change of pace, don’t forget to leave your house under protection, just in case something happens while you’re away. If you’re concerned about home break-ins, fire damage, earthquake damage, or other threats to your house, Insurance Online can quickly and easily match you with the best companies for covering you with home insurance. Call us today at 1(800) 313-8013 or visit us on the web at InsuranceOnline.com!

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